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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here we collected the most common questions we receive for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the tour start?

All the tours start at the jetty in La Passe and meeting point is the sign of Zenero Boat Charter. The sign is at the roundabout at the opposite of the post office.

What is recommended to bring on tour?

Water and soft drinks are included. We recommend you to bring sun screen, a towel and your sun glasses.

When does the tour start?

Every tour starts at 09:30 am at the jetty in La Passe. For private boat charter there is no fixed timing of course. Please be at 09:20 am at the Zenero Boat Charter board in front of the exchange office at the roundabout in La Passe.

Can I pay with card?

No so far we only accept cash however you can pay in Euro and Seychelles Rupee after the tour.

How much are the tours?

We charge 100 € pP for half day snorkeling, 150 € pP for full day snorkeling, 800 € per boat for full day fishing and private charter as well as private tour is upon request. Please have a look at tours for the detailed description of each offering.

Which tour should I choose?

If you just want to enjoy the underwater world and see lots of animals, we recommend you to choose the halfday snorkeling. If you want to enjoy a BBQ on the beach and relax on another island you do best to go for the full day snorkeling tour.

How many people fit on the boat?

Our boat takes up to 10 people.

How can I book a tour?

You can book via our booking platform. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

What happens if it is bad weather?

Most of the time the weather is sunny and the sea is calm in Seychelles. If once the weather is not adequate we will postpone the tour. Especially if it is raining or too windy we will tell you in advance to postpone the tour.

Do I need to know how to swim?

It is definitely a big advantage if you know how to swim. However it is also possible to join the tour being not so fit at swimming. We have life vests on board that let you enjoy being in the water even if you are not so skilled at swimming. Please tell the crew about your swim level before you enter the water.

Do you provide life vests?

Yes of course we have life vests on board and at any time of the tour you can take a life vest to feel more safe and enjoy your tour to the maximum.

Which animals are typically seen?

We cannot guarantee you to see specific animals however most of the times we see a sea turtle, lots of colorful fishes, young corals, stingrays and sometimes even dolphins or whale sharks.

What is the best season for snorkeling?

The weather in Seychelles is very stable in general. The rainy season from October to May is being considered as very calm but also during the dry season when the wind direction is coming from southeast it is enjoyable to be in the Indian Ocean.

Where do you do the beach BBQ of the full day tour?

Our most common spot for the beach BBQ is big sister island. We can relax there and enjoy the two beaches the island has to offer after the BBQ.

Is the national park fee and tax included in the price?

The tax is included in the price we charge however for the full day tour an extra fee of SCR 500 is being charged by the island owner and will be due when we are on the island.

How old does a whaleshark get?

Whale sharks can be considered as tortoise of the seas and may live up to 100 years of age.